New Desktop Wallpapers!

1920×1080 is the only resolution I will put together from now on… Covers most everything. Here are three news ones: http://wynne.org/?page_id=4  
CajunDome - ULBBALL

Scoreboard @ the Cajundome!

Turned out pretty good:
MONCLA Building

Ragin Cajun Practice Facility Wallpaper

Connections - JACK Audio Connection Kit_003

REAPER on Ubuntu 14.04…

My favorite DAW is REAPER… Hands down. inexpensive and fully functional. You can run it as a portable app as well… It is considered “Platinum” via WINE Apps (Which means it work great in linux as a Windows App). The Resource that was most helpful: [...]

PROJECT: Triple Boot Mac with Linux/Windows/OSX

Going to use this Article and hopefully make it work via OS Yosimite & Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1… Which me luck: http://lifehacker.com/5531037/how-to-triple-boot-your-mac-with-windows-and-linux-no-boot-camp-required

Site Resign

Coming Soon.
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