Nicole’s Buddha Bowl

For years I watched Nicole eat Edamame and wondering why she would eat that stuff. Now I cant get enough of it. I personally love the steam-able bags and add a bit of salt and soy sauce. I decided to finally do a Buddha Bowl and had a hard time trying to find Edamame outside of the pod. So with a glass of wine I sat at the table and peeled two steam-able bags of Edamame. Worth it. The beauty of the Buddha bowl is that it ends up differently for each of us. Here is the bowl completed before seasoning:

Unseasoned Buddha Bowl
Here is how Nicole seasoned it: Lemon Juice, Sea Salt & Italian Seasoning
Here is how my seasoning went: Louisiana Hot Sauce, Italian Seasoning & Sriracha

So here are the Ingredients:

  • Edamame (Shelled, hopefully)
  • Canned Corn
  • Purple Cabbage
  • Mushrooms (White or Baby Bellas)
  • Bell Pepper (Any Color)
  • Purple Onion
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Quinoa
  • EVOO Spray (Optional, Using Oil spray is not Whole Food, Plant Based)
  • Seasoning

Not going to lie, this took me a while. It is just a lot of chopping. I cooked the Corn, the Cabbage, Quinoa and the Edamame was from a heated steam-able bag. All other ingredients were room temp or cold. That is what makes the Buddha Bowl… The different temperatures. In retrospect I would have put carrot sticks in at the end straight from the fridge.

The Edamame:

They make shelled Edamame, but I couldn’t find any. Once you steam the bags it doesn’t take long to shelled them:

This is two 2 bags of Pictsweet Steam-ables.
This is about 2 steam-ables bags once they are shelled.
  • Once the Edamame is shelled, but it to the side (I salted them a bit and let them sit).
  • Get a pot an cook quinoa to instructions
  • Get a pan and spray with Spray EVOO (This is optional, you can use water which makes this WFPB instead of Vegan). You can cut cabbage and set here to about 3/10 and let it start cooking:
Purple Cabbage Cooking on pan with EVOO Spray

Cook your Corn in a small pot:

I used fire roasted corn in a can, but use anything you want

At this point, we need to chop a cucumber, purple onion & mushrooms… now you can see them all together:

Corn, Cucumbers, Edamame, Cooked Cabbage, Purple Onions with Red Bell Pepper
Grape Tomatoes

So, now takes the many ingredients and put a base of Quinoa at the bottom of the bowl then add the Edamame, Corn, Mushrooms, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Purple Onions & Bell Pepper Mix, Grape Tomatoes, and any seasonings you may want. I added a little more quinoa on top. At this point beside a lot of cleanup, you are done!

Remember, you can make this a thousand different ways… Next time I am going to add chopped baby spinach. This was our first attempt and it was great. Please feel free to let us know what you like!