Vegan Gumbo!

Well I really needed a Vegan Gumbo recipe. It isn’t perfect but it is close. Is it Vegan? Yes, Whole Food, Plant-Based? technically no. You see, Roux (while I am using jar roux which can be considered Blasphemy here in Louisiana) , is basically white enriched bleached whole wheat flour which isn’t Whole Food, Plant-Based. However, according to my 90/10 rule of reasonably easy eating, this will fit under our 10% “not perfect but good enough” category. Vegan? Yes. So I decided to make this Gumbo with Soy Curls. It sounds terrible but it isn’t. It is basically dried soy which once it is put in the Gumbo, it absorbs the Roux and plumps up and takes kinda like chicken. I am also using Tofurkey Vegan Sausage in this recipe.


  • Jar of your Favorite Roux (I like Kary’s the best). In this case we are using Savoie’s Old Fashioned Roux which is not as close to the Whole Fodd, Plant-based Diet.
  • 3/4 of a bag of Butler Soy Curls. You can use just 1/2 a bag depending on how much “chicken” you want in your gumbo. This can be substituted for Mushrooms like the ones used in the Jambalaya Recipe.
  • 1 Bag of the Pictsweet Seasoning Blend (I tend to get the larger bag)
  • Tofurkey Sausage. I like the Italian Sausage.
  • Garlic Powder
  • Basil
  • Brown Rice
  • Tony Chachere’s or your favorite Louisiana Seasoning

Get a pot and put about 8-10 cups of water and then make the roux according to directions. I tend to spoon some roux into the water while cold (Just turning on the burner under it) and then use a whisk to brake it up and then stir it till you get the desired Roux color and consistency. You can season it now if you want but I usually wait.

Here are the usual seasonings I use:

Whisking the Roux into cold water on a hot burner

Once I get my consistency I usually drop in the seasoning blend and let that come to a boil. Once it is at a boil, then drop it down to slightly above halfway on the dial.

Seasoning blend in the roux coming to a boil

Once it comes to a boil you can drop in your Soy Curls:

Butler Soy Curls
Dry Soil Curls dropped into the Roux

The Soy Curls will quickly absorb the Roux and you can continue to cook them a while while you cut the sausage. I usually season it at this time.

Gumbo with Seasoning

Cut your Sausage and drop it into the Gumbo:

Tofurkey Sausage cut up
Gumbo with Sausage

Cook the sausage in the gumbo for about 10-15 minutes. Cook your brown rice according to the directions and make a bowl!

Vegan Gumbo with Brown rice

Season it more if needed. This is a favorite dish in my house because we had to have some form of Gumbo here in Louisiana! Don’t be afraid of the Soy Curls… They are really good and will probably be in future recipes. Hope you like it.