My Name is Collin and
I am a Technical Support Analyst at the University of Louisiana at
Lafayette. Aside from my duties helping keep the Campus running
smoothly, I like doing graphic work and there is a huge shortage on the
Internet of good UL-Lafayette Desktop Wallpapers and such. I also
taught classes on Microsoft office for several years and will put any
tips/tricks I come across here as well.Things I like to do: Play Guitar
& Bass, Fix computers and computer systems, Take UL Campus photos,
Create Desktop Wallpapers, Keep up a blog apparently.
Lead Guitarist/Bassist with “The Freetown Project” – http://www.freetownproject.net
Employment History:

Contracted With:

  • Opelousas General Hospital
    (Opelousas, LA) – Web Author
  • Oil Center Research
    (Lafayette, LA) – Web Author

Collin Wynne
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