Liens Importants

Links to Sites & Page I Support:

  • The University of Louisiana Lafayette – The University I grew up with, Attended, and Work. It is a huge part of my life and I am happy to support it in any way.
  • The Freetown Project – My band… A.K.A my mid-life Crisis solved… We don’t play a lot, but we get out and play.
  • Ubuntu Linux – I support Windows Mac as a career but always get drawn into Linux. Ubuntu is my Distro of choice (I realize that doesn’t sit well with Hardcore LinuxGeeks, so what)
  • The Music Academy of Acadiana – a Great local business, great music lessons… They helped create “The Freetown Project”
  • Lee Drumsalot Gauthreaux – Great Local Drummer…
  • Jim McGee – Music – Great local Artist with a pretty interesting Blog
  • Lifehacker: Always interesting, always and neat thing to try and/or ponder


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