UL Lafayette Ragin Cajuns Wallpapers:

Saw a similar wallpaper online so I thought I would learn how to use Paint.NET (https://getpaint.net) to try this out. Came out pretty good. Resolution is 2560×1440 which will be my new resolution for these wallpapers (Not and official wallpaper of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette):


UL Lafayette Wallpapers & Ragin Cajuns Wallpapers Archive:

These wallpapers were made a long time ago and I wanted to keep them up and available. I plan on adding more soon. Here is the Disclaimer: These images are not the product of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and/or the Ragin Cajuns Athletics Deportment. They are just for fun and are not official in any way. If you are interested in Official UL Wallpapers you can look here: Louisiana Lafayette Wallpapers

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