The Base

The Base, our go to for most of our dishes so we decided to write it up so we can link to it from other recipes.



We use a wok for almost every dish. Mostly because it can hold a lot and stirring is much easier than a pan. Pour the 3 Pepper & Onion frozen blend into the wok and turn it to 7/10 and stir till it wilts. You will have water start to form from the frozen vegetables. No need to drain it. Leave it be.

Frozen Pepper’s & Onions

Once you have the Pepper’s & Onions wilted and the water is at the bottom of the wok, you can add Garlic (1 tbsp or however much you want), Garlic Powder (never enough garlic), Onion Powder & Paprika. Stir and let simmer for another 5 minutes. Add Fennel seeds (about 2 tbsp) and two heaping spoonful’s of Flaxseed Meal. Stir the Flaxseed meal into the mix and it will thicken the water. Use enough Flaxseed Meal to thicken the water to however much you need. You should have some water at the bottom of the wok, but not too much. I like about 2 spoonful’s. You can season with Tony Chachere’s at this point. Use however much you want. This can also be added at the end of the dish.

That is it! You can use this base for most of our dishes.