Who We Are

Collin & Nicole Wynne

Collin & Nicole Wynne have been married for 20 years with 4 children. They have tried every diet out there with little to no success. Nicole has always had a deep interest in nutrition and received her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She completed her Professional degree at Yale University in 2001. Despite, the education she received, we still were confused on what to eat that was best for our bodies.

Nicole was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer in October of 2019. This rocked both of their worlds and what was once a fascination with food became a much more important quest to find out what we need to feed our bodies in an effort to combat Nicole’s diagnosis and impending chemotherapy treatments, surgery and radiation effects.

The Netflix documentary Forks over Knives changed their thoughts, feelings & perception on what we needed to do to combat cancer and our over all health. So they finally decided to go all in to the Vegan lifestyles and take it a step further to the Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet.

The results of this change was remarkable in our weight, energy, and mental clarity. They have been searching for that answer for over 20 years. The simplicity of this lifestyle and its benefits are hidden and not common knowledge. Medical doctors & professionals in the field of nutrition are not taught the benefits and prevention of chronic diseases that the WFPB Diets provides. The Standard American Diet is creating the diseases that are killing us all.

Our mission is to take all of the knowledge they have found, and share it with anyone who is interested in preventing disease and feeling great on a daily basis. We are passionate about making this change easy, and fun. They want everyone to know the facts about nutrition, the food guide pyramid, and many other common fallacies that we have been taught almost daily our whole lives. We can use this site as a repository for the many recipes and products we have tried and post them here.

Everything we have researched and talked about can be found here